Group 1                                                                                      Group 2

St Paul's                                                                                     St Brigid's

St Teresa's                                                                                St Joseph's

Carryduff                                                                                  Bredagh

Antrim combined                                                                  St Gall's


Sunday 6th Feb                                                             Referee                      Result

11-30am pitch 1        St Paul's -v- St Teresa's                              Eamann McMenamin   10.22 -v- 0.00

11-30am pitch 2        St Brigid's -v- St Joseph's                          Barry Coyle                        5.05 -v- 6.13


1pm pitch 1                Carryduff -v- Antrim combined              Davy McGrath                     carryduff

1pm pitch 2               Bredagh -v- St Gall's                                       Brendan Toland                 3.11 -v- 0.01


Sunday 13th Feb     

11-30am pitch 1       St. Gall's -v- St Joseph's                               Barry Coyle                          5.08 -v- 5.10 

11-30am pitch 2       St Paul's -v- Carryduff                                 Gerry Carroll                        3.11 -v- 3.07


1pm pitch 1                 St Brigid's -v- Bredagh                                Charlie Hemsworth             1. 03-v- 4.15

1pm pitch 2                 Antrim combined -v- StTeresa's           Eamann McMenamin          10.12-v- 5.0


Sunday 20th Feb

11-30am  pitch 1         St Paul's -v- Antrim combined              Gerry Carroll                          8.09-v-1.07

11-30am pitch 2          St Brigid's -v- St Gall's                               Barry Coyle                             8.04-v-8.07


1pm pitch 1                  St Teresa's -v- Carryduff                           Barry Coyle                            0.00-v-5.18

1pm pitch 2                  St Joseph's -v- Bredagh                              Charlie Hemsworth            4.07-v-9.08


Sunday 27th Feb

11-30am pitch 1        St Paul's -v- Bredagh                                   John Conlon                            7.14 -v- 1.02

11-30am pitch 2        Carryduff -v- St Joseph's                          Eamann McMenamin

1pm pitch 1                  Antrim combined -v- St Gall's                Sean Laverty

1.30pm pitch 2          St Teresa's -v- St Brigid's                         Davy McGrath



A great response to the minor competition

So far we have 8 teams entered:

St Paul's

St Teresa's

St Brigid's

St Joseph's

St Gall's



Antrim combined team


The Antrim combined team comprises of players from St Ergnat's, Creggan, All Saints, St Comgall's, Tir na nOg, Ardoyne and Lamh Dhearg