Championship Draw 2015


Preliminary 10th August

St Ergnat’s                           v              St Joseph’s


Semi finals 17th August

St Paul’s                               v              St Ergnat’s/ St Joseph’s

St Gall’s                                                v              Creggan



St John’s                              v              St Ergnat’s 2   13th Aug

St Brigid’s                            v              St John’s / St Ergnat’s 2    20th Aug



Preliminary         25th June


St Gall’s                                                v              St Pat’s

Oisin’s                                   v              Sarsfields

St Teresa’s                          v              St Comgall’s


Quarters 11th Aug

St James’                                             v              St Gall’s / St Pat’s                             A

St Paul’s                                               v              Ardoyne                                              B

St Teresa’s / St Comgall’s              v              St Enda’s                                              C

Oisin’s / Sarsfields                           v              LamhDhearg                                      D



Semis 18th Aug

D                             v              A

B                             V             C

Those knocked out at quarter final stage or earlier will enter junior B. Dates 16th Aug prelims and 23rd aug semis.


Finals weekend 29th/30th august

 Juvenile Championship Draws


U14 A

Quarter finals ;      Wednesday 3rd June

Con Magees’                                    v                      Bye                 A

Colin Gaels/ O’Donnells                v                      Naomh Brid B

St James’                                           v                      St Ergnat’s    C

St Enda’s                                           v                      St Paul’s        D


Semis ; Wed 10th June

D                     V                     B

A                     V                     C


Final; Wed 17th June


U14 B

Prelim           Wed 27th May

St Pat’s                                              v                      St Joseph’s  


Quarter finals Wed 3rd June

St John’s                                           v                      St Gall’s                     A

Rossa                                                 v                      Lamh Dhearg           B

St Pat’s / St Joseph’s                      v                      Tir na nOg                C

Sarsfields                                          v                      Ardoyne                    D


Semis Wed 10th June

D                                             V                     C

A                                             V                     B


Final Wed 17th June







Quarter finals

St Paul’s                                v                      Ardoyne                    A

St Brigid’s                             v                      St Ergnat’s                B

St James’                               v                      Oisins                         C

St Gall’s                                 v                      St Joseph’s               D



D                                             V                     C

A                                             V                     B







St John’s                               v                      Colin Gaels / O’Donnell’s

Lamh Dhearg                       v                      St Enda’s



Lamh Dhearg / St Enda’s v                      St Comgall’s

Creggan                                v                      St John’s / Colin Gaels & O’Donnells



Dates of u16 as per fixture booklet.